Month: May 2012


I love bumblebees,but I don't see them very often.I was just about to cut down the comfrey to put into the compost pile,when I heard the BUZZ.I ran to get my camera to take a photo of the fat guy.It is not easy to get a picture of these bees,[…]

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Kitchen Window (Continued)

Just to keep you up to date on my kitchen window...The peonies have bloomed and to my surprise,they are white- with just a brush of red on the outer petals.Since I have never seen a bloom on them,I didn't know what to expect.It's been so nice to […]

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Plants of Walmart

You've heard of the"people of Walmart",well,here is"the plants of Walmart".I wanted to see if I could plant a pretty pot with the most common annuals that you can purchase at Walmart.这是一张照片:这锅”wave"brand petunias,purple and pink,white alyssum,and blue annual lobelia.[…]

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Everyone Needs a Kitchen Window

Yesterday,I realized I spend a lot of time staring out my kitchen window,the one right above the sink.While I am scrubbing out the dinner scraps from a pan,I love to be distracted by the plants outside the window.Right now,I am anxiously watching my peony develop buds.I'm anxious because […]

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